Practices and Ethics 

Bob has been a Naturopath for over 20 years, originally practicing Bowen therapy. Over the years and through frequent training and skill development, he has shifted towards the predominant practice of the Emmett Technique.

By continually developing his skills, this has allowed Bob to become one of the few Emmett Technique specialist practitioners on the Mid North Coast. 

Bob’s consultation rooms are in Lake Cathie, in perfect central location for providing Port Macquarie and the surrounding areas with holistic and pain relief treatments.

His love of helping people with their pain relief though the hands-on style of work/therapy is what makes it such a rewarding job.

As Bob describes, “Patient care is caring for the patient”. 

As an avid surfer - the ocean's’ power and natural energy is an something he feels he draws on and passes through the work of his healing hands. Providing a relaxed, comfortable and safe environment is all part of the remedial and holistic therapy.